Tofu Eggless Salad | Blooming Vegan

Tofu Eggless Salad

I love tofu. It's just so versatile, and the fact that you can do an abundance of things with it, including easily turn it into a mock egg salad, is pretty awesome if you ask me! This is a very basic recipe which you can add whatever you want to (similar to my Chickpea No-Tuna Salad). Although ... Read More
Four Bean Salad | Blooming Vegan

Four Bean Salad

You can never really go wrong with bean salad. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and quite good for you - full of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It’s perfect to make in advance as it keeps well in the refrigerator for several days. Plus it’s just so colorful and pretty! Richard started experimenting with bean ... Read More
Vegan in Tahiti | Blooming Vegan

Vegan in Tahiti, French Polynesia

I've always wanted to go to Tahiti, and in January of 2017 I was lucky enough to have the chance! On our way back from our trip to Australia, Richard and I took a detour and spent three days in Tahiti. Neither of us had ever been there before and we were excited to go ... Read More
Review: The Beyond Burger

Review: The Beyond Burger

Okay. Seriously. These burgers are amazing. The Beyond Burger is another awesome vegan product by Beyond Meat. Initially it was only available at select Whole Foods around the country, but it's now stocked at all of them, as well as many other supermarkets. Our local health food store Wild By Nature carries it now too, and ... Read More
Vegan in Melbourne, Australia | Blooming Vegan

Vegan in Melbourne, Australia

Veganism is really taking off in Australia - it’s currently the third fastest-growing vegan market in the world, and Melbourne is exploding with vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. Recently Domino's launched vegan pizza there (hopefully it will come to the US soon too). Australians also google “vegan” more than anyone else in the world!  Since Richard ... Read More
Tofu Popcorn Bites | Blooming Vegan

Tofu Popcorn Bites

I have to be honest: I used to love KFC popcorn chicken. I thought they were little bites of deliciousness, and ate them way more than I probably should have! So I was very excited to try creating a vegan version when I saw a recipe for tofu popcorn chick'n by Shae from Happy Healing. When ... Read More
Review: The Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk | Blooming Vegan

Review: The Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk

Do you miss egg yolk as a vegan (or fear it's something you will miss)? Good news - you don't have to! When I went vegan in 2011, I thought I was giving up egg yolk for good. Although I didn't eat eggs that often, whenever I did they were usually over-easy so I could dip ... Read More