I’m basically a link hoarder – I bookmark everything. Well, maybe not everything, but things that interest me – which turns out to be a lot! I went through my links to collect the ones that you would hopefully find the most useful, enlightening and informative. 

In addition to these, you may also want to look at my Essentials and Transitioning to Veganism pages, as well as my post on Vegan Nutrition.

Please be sure check back periodically – I’ll be keeping this page updated as I discover more sites to share.

Vegan Supplies StoresThe Vegan Store VeganEssentials (my favorite!)

ClothingAlternative Outfitters MooShoes Herbivore Clothing Company

Personal CareLeaping Bunny Zoya (nail polish) Thinkbaby (sunscreen) Suntegrity (sun and skin care) Kiss My Face JĀSÖN Clear Conscience (contact lense solution) Crazy Rumors (lip balm) Beauty without Cruelty Nature’s Gate Snapwhite (vegan tooth whitening) Vida (vegan soaps)

Food ProductsAlternative Baking Company Ste Martaen Cheese Vegan Cuts Herbivorous Butcher Heidi Ho Miyoko’s Kitchen

Nutritional InformationThe Vegan RD 12 Top Vegan Iron Sources 

Health InformationUSDA Current Animal Product Recalls Antibiotic use in CAFOs Why is Meat a Risk Factor for Diabetes? (video) Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk Nutritional Update for Physicians American Dietetic Association on Veg Diets  

Animal WelfareFactory Farms: Definition Industrial Farming a Crime The Case Against Ethically Raised Meat Welfare Reports Pig Facts On Eating Pigs Facts about Chickens Wool The Ethics of Eating Meat The Cruelty of Caged Hen Eggs The Cost of Meat – the Cruelty Argument Puppy Mills and Pet Stores (pdf)

Animal Welfare (videos)Best Speech You Will Ever Hear (Gary Yourovsky) Meet Your Meat (graphic) NY Times article & video of “Cage Free” Hens (disturbing) Dairy Cow and Calf Separation (heartbreaking) Baby Cows in Veal Crates (very sad) Cow Waiting for Slaughter (not gory but sad) 

Environmental ImpactEnvironmental Impact of Meat Los Angeles Water The Cost of Meat Factory Farm Destruction of Land Shrimp: Environmental Nightmare Environmental Destruction Beef (Global Issues) Food Choices and the Planet Livestock’s Long Shadow (pdf)

DocumentariesCowspiracy Speciesism Forks Over Knives What the Health Vegucated The Ghosts in Our Machine Fat Sick & Nearly Dead Food, Inc.

Happy Animals (videos)Happy Cows Compilation Happy Animals Compilation Sheep Playing with Dogs More Sheep Playing with Dogs Mother Sheep Reunited with Babies Happy Chickens Rescued Hens from Egg Farm Ex-Battery Hens first Moments of Freedom Ex-Battery Hens a Year Later Rescued Sow and Piglets Rescued Pigs See Grass for First Time Mother Pig Reunited with Babies Joyfully Free from Dairy Daisy the Rescued Dairy Cow Beagles Rescued from Laboratory Happy Rescued Goats Rescued Thanksgiving Turkey Cuddling Rescued Turkey What a Child Sees

MiscellaneousVegan Outreach (lots of great info here) Why vegan? (excellent, eye-opening site) 12 Reasons to go Vegan (very thorough) Barnivore (find out if your alcohol is vegan!)

Long Island/NYC Area RestaurantsLong Island Tula Kitchen (vegan-friendly, has several vegan options, all labeled as such) Three Brothers Pizza (vegan-friendly, has a separate vegan menu with many options) Three Brothers Vegan Cafe (first all vegan restaurant on Long Island) Live Island (all vegan, raw) The Purple Elephant (has a vegan/vegetarian section of the menu) Tiger Lily Cafe (all vegetarian, has vegan options) That Pizza Place (vegan-friendly, has multiple vegan options) The Refuge (has a separate vegan menu) Sweet to Lick (all vegan bakery) Burgritos (offers some vegan options) Radio Radio (Southern fare, has several vegan options) Plantwise (all vegan, also has smoothies, juices and raw items)

NYC/Brooklyn (all restaurants listed are entirely vegan)Champs Diner Modern Love Rockin’ Raw Franchia Vegan Cafe Blossom Candle 79 Seasoned Vegan Délice & Sarrasin