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Trending Vegan: January 14, 2018

It's an exciting time for veganism - new products are coming out all the time, more restaurants are offering vegan options, even fashion brands are going vegan. It seems like every week something new is cropping up in the vegan world and more awareness is happening every day. In honor of Veganuary, this post is ... Read More
Vegan Basil Pesto | Blooming Vegan

Vegan Basil Pesto

There's something special about pesto. It's so delicious, and I just love the fragrant combination of basil and garlic. It also reminds me of summertime, which makes me happy since it's my favorite season. :)  Basil pesto is quite easy to make and really simple to veganize by replacing the traditional parmesan cheese with either vegan ... Read More
Vegan in Reykjavík, Iceland | Blooming Vegan

Vegan in Reykjavík, Iceland

In July of 2016 we took a week-long trip to Reykjavík, Iceland. My Mother-in-Law, Susan, had always wanted to go there, so when she came from Australia to visit us in New York it was an excellent opportunity to make the trip. Our accommodations were great; Susan found a lovely two bedroom flat through Airbnb ... Read More
Baja Style Gardein Fishless Burritos | Blooming Vegan

Baja Style Gardein Fishless Burritos

One of my favorite items at the all vegan Champs Diner in Brooklyn is the “Baja Fish Burrito”. It’s described on the menu as “crispy fish cutlets, purple cabbage, greens, sour cream, avocado, salsa, chipotle mayo in whole wheat tortilla”. Whenever I get it I always end up eating the whole thing, even though with that ... Read More
Vegan Nutrition | Blooming Vegan

Vegan Nutrition

Changing your diet is a huge lifestyle adjustment for most people, so it’s understandably more than a little confusing at first. Add to that the importance of getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat, and you may feel frustrated before you even begin! For me, nutrition was a big consideration ... Read More
Chickpea No-Tuna Salad | Blooming Vegan

Chickpea No-Tuna Salad

I loved tuna as an omnivore and went through a phase where I ate it every day for lunch until I read about the dangers of mercury (oops!). As much as I enjoyed it, I actually like this so much more - mainly because it’s vegan (of course!), but also for a couple of other ... Read More
The Animals, Earth and You | Blooming Vegan

The Animals, Earth and You

People switch to veganism for various reasons. The majority do it for ethical concerns, to aid in preventing animal exploitation. Some become vegan in diet only (plant-based) due to health or environmental concerns. Often people who eat plant-based for their health or the planet eventually learn about the reality of animal agriculture and begin eschewing ... Read More