Review: Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Smoked Salmon | Blooming Vegan

Review: Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Smoked Salmon

Long Island is practically famous for its bagels, and I'm certainly no stranger to eating them piled with lox and slathered in cream cheese. Of course once I went vegan I figured my lox days were over! So imagine my surprise when, years after going vegan, I was perusing VeganEssentials and saw that Sophie’s Kitchen ... Read More
Easy Vegan Ranch Dressing (5 Ingredients) | Blooming Vegan

Easy Vegan Ranch Dressing (5 Ingredients)

Ranch dressing is great with so many things - on salad (of course), wraps, and as a dipping sauce for veggies or hot appetizers. I’ve even used it for dipping my pizza into, à la upstate New York style! Making this ranch is super simple and easy - perfect for when you want to whip ... Read More
Tips for the Traveling Vegan | Blooming Vegan

Tips for the Traveling Vegan

Traveling as a vegan doesn't have to be challenging. Sure, you'll need to do some research, but it's honestly not as bad as you may think! I’ve traveled quite a bit since becoming vegan, and over the years Richard and I have come up with solutions to make it easier. Our first vacation together was ... Read More
Sun-dried tomato sunflower seed pâté | Blooming Vegan

Sun-Dried Tomato Sunflower Seed Pâté

Nut and seed pâtés are a good way to indulge in something a bit more filling when incorporating raw foods into your diet. This is a very simple pâté made from sunflower seeds that can be used as a dip or filling for wraps, mushrooms or sushi. This recipe is adapted from Jenny Cornbleet’s site ... Read More
Raw stuffed avocados | Blooming Vegan

Raw Stuffed Avocados

In the past few months I have really developed an interest in raw foods, and have even done several raw food fasts. Each time I notice how well my body responds to this type of diet, and how energetic and “light” I feel, both emotionally and physically. While some raw recipes can be very time-consuming, ... Read More
Quesadillas | Blooming Vegan


Quesadillas have always been a favorite of mine, and after having a vegan version of them at a local veggie spot I decided to try making my own. This recipe is very general and is meant to be a basic guideline. Quesadillas are so versatile and are great with veggies, olives, faux meats, beans, etc ... Read More
Tempeh stir-fry | Blooming Vegan

Tempeh Stir-Fry

Tempeh is a lovely alternative to tofu, and some prefer it for its firmer texture. This is the first time I've ever cooked with it; for this stir-fry I used Lightlife Organic Flax Tempeh. Note that if you use unpasteurized tempeh, it will need to be cooked more. This recipe makes about four servings. Ingredients 1 ... Read More