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Review: The Beyond Burger

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

Okay. Seriously. These burgers are amazing.

The Beyond Burger is another awesome vegan product by Beyond Meat. Initially it was only available at select Whole Foods around the country, but it’s now stocked at all of them, as well as many other supermarkets. Our local health food store Wild By Nature carries it now too, and we even saw it in Stop & Shop recently. (You can see the full list of retailers here.) 

When we saw these burgers in the package we were amazed by how much they look like meat. Then we took them out and saw they even have the smell and feel of it too (so weird!).

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

We weren’t surprised to find they also smell like hamburgers while they cook – as people who haven’t cooked meat in a long time, it was almost a little unsettling! My mom even came upstairs in disbelief to ask “Is that real meat?” 

But let me tell you – they are delicious. To me, the taste and texture is identical to a real hamburger – but obviously so much better, since they’re not only a lot healthier but also cruelty-free. Interestingly, they contain a lot more iron than a hamburger made from animals, and a tad more protein as well.

These burgers can be cooked in a pan or on the grill – we prefer to grill them but of course the weather in New York doesn’t always cooperate with us!

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

Another thing I like about these burgers is that you can form them into smaller patties, since they’re basically identical in texture to ground meat – I love to eat sliders, so they’re perfect for that.

The only downside if you cook it indoors is that your house will definitely smell like cooked meat for a while afterwards! I should also mention that it’s so similar to meat that some long-time vegans may find it too real and be uncomfortable with the taste and/or texture of it. For us, we just thought they tasted amazing, and love the fact that Beyond Meat has made a vegan burger that is so meat-like it may convince even the staunchest omnivores to try it.

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

Review: The Beyond Burger | Blooming Vegan

The Beyond Burger is an amazing product that we were seriously impressed with. It’s perfect for vegans craving a “meatier” burger and something more substantial than your average veggie patty, as well as a wonderful ethically-sound alternative for meat eaters who hopefully will be curious enough to give it a try.


Posted on February 7th, 2018 in Lifestyle, Reviews


  • Bernadette

    February 9, 2018

    Another great idea! I already love Beyond Burgers but it never dawned on me to reshape them into smaller sliders. Now I can have two burgers with different toppings and have a more diverse meal when I feel like it.

    • Christina DiLorenzo

      February 10, 2018

      Thank you Bernadette! I definitely have a serious love for sliders, but I don’t normally switch up the toppings so that’s an excellent idea as well!

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